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SICA Control System

The job ahead of you is massive. Your choice of equipment is crucial. The technology you use continues to advance and Sandvik leads the way. The iSeries by Sandvik is the perfect display of innovation, bringing you drill rigs that are intelligent, safer, and more productive.

SICA Control System

iSeries Surface Drill Rigs are based on our SICA Control System and powered by iDrill technology. Capable of fully automated remote operations, iSeries Surface Drill Rigs provide real-time, qualitative data that allows users to make better, fact-based decisions that enhance project performance.

Between our rotary, down the hole, and top hammer drills, the functionality of our systems offer flexibility across all drills. Sandvik iSeries Surface Drills are designed to work together with you. And their cutting-edge technology systems lead the way.

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SICA Control System
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SICA Control System

SICA Control System

The Sandvik Intelligent Control System Architecture (SICA) increases productivity and precision with its many advancements. Operators can ensure quality and consistency from hole to hole thanks to real-time feedback regarding the machine’s performance and with tools for drill planning, reporting, and analysis, in addition to the ability to integrate with other solutions. The ability to manage a fleet with these data integrations will improve blast strategy. Plus, development on the SICA platform is built for speed and adaptability. SICA has instant access to all iSeries onboard sensors allowing the architecture to adapt its algorithms and improve drilling efficiency quickly.

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iDrill Technology

iDrill Technology

The scalable iDrill automation platform provides automation options and digital services designed to speed up your production process and support your mine operations. You can use as much or as little technology as you need, knowing more is available when you need it.

Performance iDrill enables iSeries drill rig operation from the cabin and provides automated drill functions (e.g. auto drill, auto level, etc) capable of being executed with the push of a button. Performance iDrill drives productivity increases up 15%* when compared to manual operation. Additionally, customers will realize improved drilling accuracy and increased operational safety.

Navigation iDrill supports high-precision drilling with the TIM3D Navigation System allowing navigation based on your drill plan with integrated drill to elevation capability combined with wireless drill plan transfer and basic reporting. When enabled, Navigation iDrill improves productivity by as much as 23%* when compared to manual operation. Sandvik TIM3D drill navigation system guarantees a precise drilling process from tramming and hole positioning to actual drilling.

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AutoMine® for Surface

AutoMine® allows customers to scale up automation at their own pace. AutoMine® covers all aspects of automation. So, you can opt for remote and autonomous operation of a single piece of equipment through multi-machine control and full-fleet automation.

AutoMine® Line-of-Sight provides increased operator productivity and keeps mine personnel out of the hazardous area.

AutoMine® Control Room allows a single rig operator to become a remote fleet supervisor capable of controlling multiple highly automated rigs from a control room ensuring high productivity with high level of safety.

AutoMine® Autonomous provides fully autonomous drilling cycle and hole-to-hole tramming boosting productivity, lowering operating costs, and enhancing safety.

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Parts and Service

Parts & Service

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions Parts and Services division is committed to your productivity and ready to act 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep your Sandvik equipment running.

We want to minimize your unplanned downtime. So, we offer around-the-clock service, qualified engineers, genuine components, and parts on demand. When you join the Sandvik family, you’ll have access to 24/7 support, no matter where you are. Our customer portal and customer support centers are ready to respond to anything. You can access your fleet information, request quotations, place orders, and much more, any time.

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